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The paper industry is not into Mining, just cultivation of trees and No use the reserved forest The paper industry seeks to maintain and grow its economic contribution to society, foster the well-being of our communities, and utilize sustainable manufacturing practices and fiber procurement measures that protect the environment and ensure that our resources will be as available for future generations as they are today. Today companies are adhering to strict environmental principles and work to maintain and improve the natural resources used to make their products to assure their availability for future generations:

Paper Recycling - Efforts to recycle used paper (especially newspapers) have been effective in at least partially mitigating the need for destruction of woodlands, and recycled paper is now an important ingredient in many types of paper production. Today, a large proportion of cotton and linen fibers in the mix create many excellent papers for special uses, from wedding invitation paper stock to special paper for pen and ink drawings.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions - These reductions have come through adoption of efficient manufacturing production measures, increased use of less carbon-intensive fossil fuels and carbon-neutral biomass-based energy sources.

Combined Heat and Power Production - Use of CHP in Paper industry, plays an important part in meeting energy requirements and reducing the environmental impact of power generation, providing numerous benefits to both the user and the environment.

Forestry - Companies owning forestland also conform to credible forest management program.

Water - Water is essential for production of paper and wood products, and companies are using important steps to improve and preserve water resources. Most of the water used for production of paper is returned to the environment after treatment in a wastewater system.

• The formation of World Paper Forum is in response to to a widely-felt need from the Indian paper industry as well as its global interlocutors, to bring together leaders, policy makers and thinkers to regularly review key issues as well as identify new opportunities for the overall growth of the paper and allied industries with a special focus on India.
Amb. K. V. Rajan,Chairman, International Trade and Exhibitions India Pvt Ltd

“I wish all the success for World Paper Forum”
 D. Balachandar, Sr. GM, Sharma Fabricators & Erectors (P) Ltd.

“I feel honored to be a member of this prestigious international forum”
Sonia Bernicchi, ICP , Italy

“WPF will work for the overall growth and development of the paper industry. I welcome this noble initiative and hope that it will help the Indian paper industry to take up the numerous challenges it is encountering at present”
Pawan Agarwal, Joint Managing Director,Naini Group Of Industries

“I appreciate the concept and ensure you of my best possible support”
Khawaja Muhammad Ammar, Lahore, Pakistan

”I think this is a very good initiative you have taken”
Manohar Das Mool,CEO, Kagaj Concern Pvt Ltd, Nepal

“I welcome the ideas to set up the World Paper Forum (WPF) in the line of global business achievements among the paper industries around the world”
Sami Ali Al Safran , CEO, Middle East Paper Co , Jeddah Saudi Arabia
The Indian paper market is the fastest growing market in the world, growing at a CAGR 6-7% and contributes significantly to the Indian economy in several ways, such as revenue generation, foreign exchange, employment and user industries. The Indian paper industry is the 15th largest paper industry in the world. It provides Employment to 6 million people directly & indirectly, INR 50,000 million of foreign exchange, Literacy, Hygiene etc.

The paper industry in India looks more promising as the domestic demand is on the rise. The per capita paper consumption in India at a little over 13 kg, is way behind the global average of 57 kg. India's demand for paper is expected to rise 53% in the next five years.

The focus of paper industry is now shifting towards more eco-friendly products and technology

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Paper is human innovation & a wonderful product. There is no replacement of paper for its usage in recording, storage and dissemination of information. The specialty paper provides a new Printing & Packaging options. The Tissue paper gives us unmatched hygiene and comfort. Despite the technological revolution leading to increased computerization of operations, paper still holds on to its existence and has become an essential commodity
The Paper Industry has seen a phenomenal growth globally in terms of increase in demand and a significant growth in business transactions of Paper, Pulp and allied products. The industry today has evolved itself and has seen leading companies of the world getting into paper manufacturing business. The Paper Industry is contributing significantly towards the World economy.
As a fully developed industry, a need was felt for a business forum which can deliberate, debate and brainstorm on the key issues facing the industry.
The paper industry in India has become more promising as the domestic demand is on the rise. Despite the continued focus on digitization, Due to growth in literacy, change in lifestyle and increasing consciousness for personal hygiene, per capita consumption of paper and tissue in India is increasing day by day. The growth in GDP of India has led to the increase in manufacturing activities, increasing the demand for paper products especial the paper boards for carrying out wide range of activities ranging from packaging to storage, transportation and lot more.
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11 October 2017
GST, imports dampen paper manufacturing
Paper manufacturers are glad to have gotten past the second quarter, a lean season normally...
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